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Who owns Greens Do Good? And where do profits go?

Greens Do Good is owned by REED Next, a non-profit organization providing services to adults with autism 21+, Greens Do Good was partially funded by a grant from the Special Child Health and Autism Registry, New Jersey Department of Health. Net operating income from Greens Do Good is directed to REED Next.

Is Greens Do Good open to consumers?

Yes! Delivery and pick up are available. Visit our shop to see what is available.

How can an adult with autism apply for a job?

Employment at this time is open to REED Next day program participants. To learn more about the REED Next day program, click here.

I'm a business owner and want to buy produce from Greens Do Good?

Contact us at (201) 960-2355.

How can I take a tour of Greens Do Good?

Contact us at (201) 960-2355.

Can my business customize a tower?

Contact us at (201) 960-2355.

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