Our Process

Hydroponic vertical farming is an innovative method of growing plants in a controlled, indoor environment. We use energy-efficient watering and lighting systems to nurture our crops, which are planted in stacked trays. This greatly improves yield per square foot and eliminates the need for soil, which can carry bacteria and diseases. Not having soil means we don’t have to worry about weeds growing—eliminating the need for herbicides. If pests are encountered, we can control them naturally with a release of ladybugs or praying mantises.

When a growing medium is required, we use rock wool (spun volcanic rock) and grow stone (recycled glass) in lieu of soil for our larger crops. Microgreens are grown in a small bed of coco coir, the outer layer or husk of a coconut, which would otherwise go to waste. The closed-loop hydroponics system also reduces resource costs as the same water is continuously recycled throughout the crop’s life cycle. Our modular systems allow for quick and easy maintenance without disturbing the plants, which improves product quality. These advances, coupled with our unique lighting ballast system, streamline operations.

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