What We’re Growing

Greens Do Good produce is grown and packaged at our farm in Hackensack, NJ, minimizing transportation, and maximizing freshness, flavor, and nutrition.


Microgreens are young, delicate leaves that infuse distinct flavors into every dish. These nutrient-dense varietals (wasabi mustard, chervil and dill) are chef favorites for burgers, tacos, pizza, salads, sandwiches and omelets. Harvest time for microgreens varies based on specific seed variety and the desired size of the product but can be as brief as two weeks from germination.

We are currently growing: Arugula, Lemon Basil, Broccoli, Red Russian, Mild Micro Mix, Mustard Wasabi, Red Choi Pac Choi and Spicy Micro Mix.


Basil exudes a sweet, earthy aroma that promises a pleasant flavor. For the freshest flavor, add chopped basil within the last five minutes of cooking time. This nutritious Genovese basil is best used in soups, salads, sauces and pasta dishes. Harvest time ranges from 3-40 days seed to harvest, depending on the growth of desired size.


Known for its buttery taste and velvety texture, Butterhead lettuce, comes in beautiful rosette-like heads that are quickly becoming a fan favorite. This mild lettuce makes a great base for salads or as a tasty substitute for buns and wraps. Rich in vitamin A and phytonutrients, this Bibb type lettuce grows to maturity in approximately 35 days in our hydroponic farm.


The extra dark, iron-rich tender leaves of our Toscano kale have a softer texture than other green curly kales. Our mild Red Russian kale has a beautiful serrated leaf outlined in light purple with darker purple stems. Both are great for salads, soups and sautéing. Originally from Siberia, kale grows well into the winter, but in our farm, it grows year round in our temperature controlled environment and is harvested every 35 days.

*Produce is subject to change.



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