As part of our Autism Acceptance Month series, we’re sharing stories of awareness, impact, and achievement. Today, we’re honored to share a heartfelt message from Claire Tanzer, whose grandson, Ryan, attends REED Academy.

From the moment Ryan and his parents stepped through the doors at REED Academy 12 years ago, they were greeted with warmth and compassion. The staff’s dedication to Ryan’s well-being has been remarkable—they’ve not only taught him vital life skills but have also provided the care and support he needs to thrive.

Simple tasks we often take for granted, like brushing our teeth, have been taught to Ryan. He’s learned to shop at the grocery store and cook meals for himself. When Ryan required blood work, the staff invested significant time preparing him, creating simulations and mock exams so that he would understand what to expect.

From teachers to administrators, everyone at REED puts the students first. Their commitment to constant improvement gives me hope for Ryan’s future, yet as he approaches adulthood and ages out of school-based programming, we are aware of the challenges he’ll face. That’s why I give to REED—it’s a lifeline for families like ours, providing vital resources and services.

Thank you for considering supporting REED. Your generosity makes a real difference in the lives of individuals like Ryan and so many others like him.


Claire Tanzer

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