REED Autism Services has released new episodes of the “Changemakers in Autism” podcast.

In the first episode of season 2, “Taking a Lens to Autism,” hosts Chantelle Walker and Jen Faust are joined by Filmmakers Caren Zucker and John Donvan for an in-depth discussion on history’s portrayal of autism and their groundbreaking documentary, “In A Different Key.” 

In the next episode, “Athletes & Philanthropic Initiatives,” MALKA Sports President/CEO and REED Board Member Pat Capra talks about the intersection of athletes and philanthropy and how he’s working with athletes to develop initiatives that align with their passions and elevate the causes they support.

As Walker explains, “We’ve been fortunate to meet many incredible people through our work at REED Autism Services. We’re excited to continue introducing our audience to the people pushing the boundaries of what’s accepted, expected, and possible for individuals with autism.”

Season one covered a range of topics, including innovative and inclusive housing, sex and relationships, and more. Additional episodes in season two will continue to be released over the coming weeks. To learn more, visit

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