REED Academy began in 2003 when a small group of parents came together, desperate to find the right education for their children with autism, one that was innovative and forward-thinking and opened new possibilities. That same passion and commitment have shaped the past two decades for REED.

“REED has always been relentless in its pursuit of innovative solutions that enrich and improve the lives of those with autism,” explained Chantelle Walker, CEO, REED Autism Services. “This is an opportunity to not only celebrate REED’s 20-year history but to also look ahead to our next chapter. We will continue to push boundaries – all while remaining singularly focused on the very best in education and services for individuals with autism.”

From special events to community engagement activities, we’re inviting the REED community to join us in celebrating this important milestone!  Be sure to check back here and visit us on social media for ongoing updates and more. 

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